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Our expert Watching services identify potential threats quickly, so you can respond decisively to protect your brand.

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Safeguarding it from infringement and unauthorized use or misuse is essential for maintaining brand integrity.

Demonstrating opposition to infringement or unauthorized use of your trademark is essential for protecting your rights and deterring similar activity by others. But you can’t oppose what you don’t know about. That’s where our expert Watching services come in.

Why CompuMark’s Watching Services?

We go above and beyond to protect your brand with:

  • High quality, targeted watch results revealing the most relevant global findings of potential infringements that demand your attention, saving you time and effort.
  • Timely reporting, enabling you to take quick action to oppose potential conflicts.
  • The flexibility to make your search as narrow or broad as you want.
  • Flexible capabilities to meet virtually any watching need and any size portfolio.

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