How do I know what to enter for goods and services?

24 October, 2018

Trademark registers require you to identify what you sell in order to determine the scope of your trademark, and it’s one of the most critical aspects of your trademark application. This information will also help us determine which industries to monitor for copycats.

Use our selector tool to enter a few keywords that describe your product or service – it will help you find one or more matches in the international classification system – and simply select those that describe your business. You can also use the USPTO’s tool here.

  • GOODS, or physical products made for customers, are assigned to one or more of 34 different classes. For example, CAT FOOD is Class 31; CAT TOY is Class 28.
  • SERVICES, or activities performed for customers, are assigned to one or more of 11 different classes. For example, PET GROOMING is Class 44; PET ADOPTION is Class 45.