Real-Life Copycat Lesson #10: Barcade or Arcade Bar?

02 July, 2019

The Des Moines bar, Up-Down, is a self-proclaimed “barcade” combining alcohol and arcade games. The “barcade” identifier, however, is causing them some trouble with the Brooklyn-based Barcade that owns locations in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. The Brooklyn Barcade also owns trademarks on the term “barcade,” covering bars, beer koozies, t-shirts and even Barcade software.

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Real-Life Copycat Lesson #9: Coffee Brand Confusion

25 June, 2019

Can you tell the difference between Biggby and Bixby? Biggby Coffee, a Michigan-based brand, owns and operates 235 locations across 8 states, and has been using an orange and black color scheme and logo since 2008, the same year they received federal registration for the mark(s). In March, Biggby filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against a Texas-based coffee company of a similar name, Bixby.

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Real-Life Copycat Lesson #8: Fishy restaurant name infringement strikes in Cleveland

18 June, 2019

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Real-Life Copycat Lesson #7: A “Lake Effect” trademark conflict

11 June, 2019

Upstate New Yorkers are more than familiar with the concept known as lake effect — as in lake effect snow. Now, lake effect is the subject of a trademark infringement case in Buffalo.

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Real-Life Copycat Lesson #6: Coffee-flavored Customer Confusion

06 June, 2019

The Absolut Company, a major liquor company out of Sweden and producer of Kahlua coffee liquors, have blocked a Hawaii company’s effort to trademark its Kaholo Kona Coffee.

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Real-Life Copycat Lesson #5: East Coast craft breweries in trademark dispute

14 May, 2019

Since 2014, Vermont’s Goodwater Brewery has been selling beer under the Goodwater name. It’s brews can be found as far west as Colorado and as far south as Virginia. In November, 2017, Virginia-based Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery (LCCB), which sells its beer internationally, opened a pub by the name Lickinghole Goodwater Brewpub. Understandably, the Vermont-based Goodwater felt like they had a problem after hearing of the Virginia-based establishment through a loyal customer who asked whether the two businesses were related.

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Bottling your brand: Trademark insight for craft brewers

09 May, 2019

Did you know that in 2018 there were more than 169,000 beer-related trademarks filed worldwide? That’s a lot of potential for infringement in the already-competitive craft brewing marketplace, where captivating brands are as critical to success as the quality of the beer itself.  Whether intentional or accidental, copycat brands can cause consumer confusion, loss of revenue, and damage to a hard-earned reputation. To help craft brewers better understand the importance of securing and protecting brand rights, hosted an educational webinar in partnership with Craft Brewing Business.

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Real-Life Copycat Lesson #4: Famous pizza trademark dispute

07 May, 2019

The famous Mystic Pizza of Connecticut takes issue with another pizza restaurant with a variant of their name in Pennsylvania.

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Real-Life Copycat Lesson #3: Milk Bar customer confusion

30 April, 2019

In 2008, renowned pastry chef Christina Tosi founded Milk Bar bakery and opened her first shop in New York City. The famous, celebrity-endorsed bakery now has 16 locations. In March 2019, a restaurant by the name of JoJo’s Milk Bar opened in River North, Chicago and is now facing a trademark infringement and unfair competition lawsuit brought by Tosi.

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Real-Life Copycat Lesson #2: Trademark food fights on Florida Avenue

23 April, 2019

Florida Avenue Eats is a new restaurant on one of Tampa’s longest stretching business roads, which is also home to the long-established Florida Avenue Brewing Company about a mile and a half away.  The owner of Florida Avenue Brewing Co. is worried that customers will confuse the two establishments.

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