Real-Life Copycat Lesson #19: Construction Equipment Manufacturer and Local Coffee Shop Fight Over “Cat” Trademark

23 October, 2019

Californian coffee shop, Cat & Cloud, is one of a handful of small businesses with the word “Cat” in their name that construction equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar, has pursued for trademark infringement with respect to apparel.

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Real-Life Copycat Lesson #18: Drug Store Chain and Major League Baseball Team Share Similar Logo

09 October, 2019

Walgreens and the Washington Nationals have strikingly similar logos, so why hasn’t the pharmacy chain sued the Major League Baseball team for trademark infringement?

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Real-Life Copycat Lesson #17: Famous New York City Museum and Tea Shop and Clash Over Similar Name

02 October, 2019

New York’s Museum of Modern Art, popularly referred to as the “MoMA,” raised a trademark infringement lawsuit against a Lower East Side tea shop and art gallery called Momacha. In the lawsuit, New York’s Museum of Modern Art accuses the tea shop-gallery combo of infringing on the museum’s trademark name and logo.

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Real-Life Copycat Lesson #16: Brewery Infringes on Trademark of Culinary Celebrity

25 September, 2019

Armistice Brewing of Richmond, California thought they had come up with the perfect name for their new beer, a pastry stout featuring 200 pounds of raspberry puree and two different kinds of single-origin cacao, and Madagascar vanilla. Even though it was intended as an homage, British food writer, Great British Bake Off judge, and TV host, Mary Berry, disagreed.

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Real-Life Copycat Lesson #12: Produce Grower and Restaurant Name Fight

21 August, 2019

Los Angeles-based salad giant Sweetgreen is a chain of over 90 healthy eateries, selling salads in a fast-casual setting since 2007. In 2016, two entrepreneurs in Minnesota started a fresh produce business, My Sweet Greens, and their name has  become the latest problem for their growing business.

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Real-Life Copycat Lesson #9: Coffee Brand Confusion

25 June, 2019

Can you tell the difference between Biggby and Bixby? Biggby Coffee, a Michigan-based brand, owns and operates 235 locations across 8 states, and has been using an orange and black color scheme and logo since 2008, the same year they received federal registration for the mark(s). In March, Biggby filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against a Texas-based coffee company of a similar name, Bixby.

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Real-Life Copycat Lesson #6: Coffee-flavored Customer Confusion

06 June, 2019

The Absolut Company, a major liquor company out of Sweden and producer of Kahlua coffee liquors, have blocked a Hawaii company’s effort to trademark its Kaholo Kona Coffee.

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Real-Life Copycat Lesson #4: Famous pizza trademark dispute

07 May, 2019

The famous Mystic Pizza of Connecticut takes issue with another pizza restaurant with a variant of their name in Pennsylvania.

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Real-Life Copycat Lesson #1: Customer confusion among New York’s Public Theater and Public Hotel

16 April, 2019

New York City’s historic Public Theater fears customer confusion with the nearby and newly built PUBLIC hotel, whose offering goes beyond accommodation to include music and entertainment under the brand “PUBLIC ARTS”.

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