Real-Life Copycat Lesson #14: Michigan Breweries Clash Over Similar Names

11 September, 2019

In 2018, Byron Station, LLC, a Michigan brewery, planned to open a brewpub under the name Railbird Taphouse and Brewery. Another Michigan brewery by the name of Railtown Brewing Co. notified the company that its planned brewery’s name infringed on their trademark. Railtown Brewing Co. requested that the company change its branding and even offered financing to assist in covering the considerable costs of establishing a new name. When Byron Station refused the offer, Railtown reluctantly filed a lawsuit. Fortunately for both small businesses, the trademark infringement lawsuit is now behind them. Byron Station, LLC agreed to change the name of their brewery to Alebird Taphouse and Brewery, and the parties have reached an agreement regarding the use of the term “Railbird” in connection with one of their beers.