Real-Life Copycat Lesson #18: Drug Store Chain and Major League Baseball Team Share Similar Logo

09 October, 2019

Major League Baseball (MLB) team, the Washington Nationals, have been using a curly, cursive “W” as their logo since 2005. The team recaptured the vintage logo used by the now long-gone baseball team, the Washington Senators. Walgreens, the popular drugstore chain, has been using a very similar, curly “W” long before even the old Washington Senators team began using theirs. The two “W’s” stir up confusion among newcomers and visitors to the Washington D.C. area, leaving some wondering why people are walking around D.C. wearing “Walgreens” hats. Washington D.C. locals, on the other hand, seem to know that the curly “W” stands for one thing, the Washington Nationals baseball team. Surprisingly to many, Walgreens has not sued MLB for a trademark violation.