Real-Life Copycat Lesson #2: Trademark food fights on Florida Avenue

23 April, 2019

Florida Avenue Eats is a new restaurant on one of Tampa’s longest stretching business roads, Florida Avenue. A public road, Florida Avenue is also home to the long-established Florida Avenue Brewing Company about a mile and a half away.  Worried that customers will confuse the two establishments, the owner of Florida Avenue Brewing Co., which also features an eatery, has made efforts to chat with Florida Avenue Eats about their similar names. Customers and distribution partners began calling the brewery to ask if the two business were linked after seeing advertisements for Florida Avenue Eats.

Florida Avenue Brewing Company has pursued legal action against Florida Avenue Eats and the owner of the restaurant individually. To avoid costly trademark infringement litigation, the two owners are working toward an solution and are hopeful that they will reach a resolution.